Read What Our Clients Think

Carlos Araujo in Bronx, NY

My appointment was great! Every time I see this doc its a good experience

Enjulique Lake

Today was the best painless dentist visit that I have ever had. The dentist and the other staff were very nice and welcoming.

Marquise Glenn

Experience was very good. Great Doc!

Jonathan James in Bronx, NY

Pleasant dentist and good vibes! Enjoyed the atmosphere completely

Angel Aponte in Bronx, NY

The appointment and the treatment were perfect. Everything was very good

Rosanna Williams in Bronx, NY

It was perfect. He didn’t put me in any pain. Great doctor!!!

Kahlila McCallum in Bronx, NY

Very articulate. He knew what he was talking about and I understood everything he explained to me

Jazmin Molina in Bronx, NY

The appointment was great! Dr Aguebor explained to me the procedures that has to be done in my mouth and I understood it all! Thanks Doc

Michelle Concepcion in Manhattan, NY

I was soooo nervous coming to the dentist. When I was in the chair I was shaking. He talked to me and kept me so relaxed. He told me not to worry and everything would be alright. Just like he said it was alright. He has amazing gentle hands. Thank you Dr. A for being so patient with me and calming me down! Thank you!

Aby Traore in Bronx, NY

I was initially scared and sensitive to getting dental work. This young man was so encouraging!! He mad me feel good about getting my mouth better again. No one has every made me feel this encouraged! One in a million he is

Zakaria Dukuly in Bronx, NY

The Doc was great and treatment wasn’t painful